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Minecraft Video Series – RPG Immersion Mod Pack

Here are some videos from me trying out a mod pack from Feed the Beast called “RPG Immersion”. The main point of this mod pack is to add “RPG” like features to Minecraft. Based around the DivineRPG mod, which is supposedly one of the largest mods out there, this should be an exciting adventure.

DivineRPG is considered one of the most challenging mods in Minecraft to beat, yet one of the most exciting and thrilling. DivineRPG takes players on a journey of great heights and amusement. DivineRPG is not a mod to miss out playing.

As you can see once you start watching, it can be brutal. In the beginning, I decided to make a home in a cave, but quickly learned that cave bats (big green bats) are tough as hell. They one hit kill me and have about 10 times the health of a standard Minecraft mob. So, my main focus quickly become securing my home with lots of light (hopefully to prevent spawning) and then finding ore to start crafting some armor. There doesn’t seem to be any level scaling (ala Oblivion), so if a mob is too tough… well, tough luck. I do find the Cyclops that wander around interesting. At first I thought they were going to kill me, but they just gaze upon me with their one eye, perhaps because I am no threat to them?

MInecraft RPG Immersion

The Wolverine – Exclusive CinemaCon Footage

File this one in our ‘nerdy’ bin, exclusive new footage for the upcoming Wolverine movie slated to release this summer. We are so pretty pumped for this movie to come out. You get to see the Silver Samurai first hand as well as a few other treats and characters peppered through the footage.

Let us know what you think, this is definitely going to be an awesome summer for movies!!

The Wolverine vs The Silver Samurai
From: The Wolverine

Twilight Forest Lich Battle – Minecraft – Adventures in Direwolf20 – Episode 8


In the last episode of Adventures in Direcraft20, we went exploring inside the Lich Castle in the Twilight Forest. I was afraid to lose all my cool stuff, so I didn’t really confront the Lich at the top of the castle. This episode, I go back with the intention of taking the son of a Lich out!

After gearing up, unloading all extras and grabbing a stack of steaks, I head over to our Twilight Forest linking book in our Magic Room. This is a book I linked directly to the Lich Castle, so I don’t have to travel far to start this battle. I head up the stairs, pretty much uninterrupted, as I destroyed MOST of the spawners last time I was here.

Unfortunately, once I get to the top, everything goes pretty much to crap. I can’t seem to hit the Lich and he is spawning some sort of shade creature that is attacking me. It is sort of a cluster F up there, so I retreat and go exploring a little more. Sadly, during that exploration, I get caught in some webs and surrounded by skeletons. They killed me and I gave up on that plan. I will come back another time with Undead and maybe we can destroy the Lich together.

minecraft twilight forest

Minecraft – Adventures in Direwolf20 – Lich Castle Twilight Forest – Episode 7

One of the things we discovered in the last episdode of Adventures in Direwolf20 was the Lich Castle in the Twilight Forest. We explored some the last time we were there, but today I decided that I want to got a little further and see what kind of trouble I can get into as I go further into the castle.

Once into the center of the tower (this tower, there seems to be a bunch), there is a giant spiral staircase that goes to the top. All along the way, there are mobs and spawners. Also, lots of side rooms with more spawners, and some treasures.

After clearing out a lot of zombies, skeletons, spiders and those flying books, we get towards the top and see a room with a glass floor. At this point, I have the energy bar for the Lich King on my screen, so I know he is close by. I poked my head up and got attacked by a lot of different things, my health dropped and I got scared. My bags were full and I didn’t want to lose it all. I will come back another time with just the goal of going after the Lich.

I head down to the floor, setup a linking book and get the hell out of there!

direwolf20, lich castle, twilight forest