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Carbon Fiber PC Cable Combs

Published: February 27, 2017

Thanks for watching From concept of the first carbon fiber pc cable comb took me a year Working with carbon fiber was an educational experience and has really got me excited about making more carbon fiber PC related products I m also open to your suggestions for other carbon fiber PC accessories and mods by Mnpctech Fans followers on Twitter requested PC cable comb sizes Mnpctech that resulted in 24 pin motherboard cable comb 16 pin gpu video card SLI Crossfire cable combs 14 pin gpu or video cards 12 pin 8 pin 6 pin 4 pin Mnpctech carbon fiber pc cable combs billet pc cable combs and our stronger 100 cast acrylic cable combs are all listed here https mnpctech com buy stealth cable combs for pcs Recommendations Custom PC Cable Sleeving Extensions Buy Best U S Based Custom PC Cable Sleeve Extensions Store Includes MDPC X sleeving http www mod one com http www mainframecustom com Buy Best U S PC Paracord Cable Sleeve Extensions Store http www ensourced net Buy Best E U Custom PC Cable Extensions Stores Includes MDPC X sleeving http www shakmods com http www icemodz eu DIY Guides Sleeving your own PC Cables and Extensions Make Your Own Custom Sleeved PC Extension Cables by MainframeCustoms https www youtube com watch v WNA2pkcrSMc Down Dirty Modding Cable sleeving series part 1 https www youtube com watch v ai2Fo3nVAOI Down Dirty Modding Cable sleeving series part 2 https www youtube com watch v ST812F9kGfM Down Dirty Modding Cable sleeving series part 3 https www youtube com watch v je9EBFGL7Jk t 527s Down Dirty Modding Cable sleeving series part 4 https www youtube com watch v NvFkAB9Tb o


Published: February 06, 2017

GOTO LINK of my mk5 TANK PC https mnpctech com amd radeon bf1 battlefield 1 scale model mark v extreme gaming pc ww1 tank case mod html Bill shares details about the Battlefield 1 theme WW1 Gaming PC Tank created for GamingTribe Giveaway It s outfitted for battle with RADEON Crossfire Sapphire RX 480 video cards mk5 ww1 British tank gaming PC was created for DICE by Bill Owen from mnpctech in partnership with AMD Gaming Evolved Electronic Arts Gaming Tribe GIGABYTE SAPPHIRE and Corsair The 1st WW1 Mk5 Tank Gaming PC build by Bill Owen was revealed by Geoff Keighley at 2016 Games Awards streamed live on YouTube from the Microsoft Theater on December 2nd 2016 It was given away by GamingTribe shortly after it s reveal The 2nd mk5 gaming PC build setup will be going to DICE s headquarters in Sweden I think it should be outfitted with AMD RYZEN cpu and motherboard don t you agree My WW1 mk5 Tank Gaming PC is a 1 9th scale model version of the real mk5 British Tank in BATTLEFIELD 1 game Construction of this tank consists of over 1 000 parts laser cut from black opaque acrylic sheets from Mnpctech s store The tank s gun turrets are machined aluminum The sides of the WW1 mk5 tank are 1 4 thick with surface features ranging from 1 16 1 8 and 1 2 thick What s really interesting after creating this Tank theme gaming PC the chassis we created could be adopted to other scratch built Gaming PC vehicle designs The layout for the Gigabyte ATX motherboard with two Sapphire Rx 480 video cards and Corsair ATX power supply left ample room inside You would imagine installing and removing this custom gaming PC hardware would be a major hassle but it s not You would also think that the cooling of the processor would be challenging but the mk5 tank model tracks are perforated for the best airflow The Corsair PSU has it s own custom venting with Corsair H80 AIO cpu cooler mounted in the roof I ve been dreaming up ideas of this PC chassis to use different exterior designs that emulate other vehicles Should I build a Sherman Tank next Or how about the Armoured Personnel Carrier used by the Colonial Marines from ALIENS movie Battlefield 1 WWI British mk5 Tank System Components Chassis Handcrafted WW1 Mk5 Tank ATX case CPU AMD FX 8370 CPU Cooling Corsair H55 All In One Cooler GPU TWO SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon RX 480 DirectX 12 100406NT 4GOCL 4GB 256 Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3 0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card GPU Cooling OEM air cooling Motherboard Gigabyte GA 990FX Gaming Motherboard DDR Memory 16GB DDR3 Gaming PC System Drive No Optical Drive PC Storage Drive 1x 256GB SSD PC Optical Drive None Power Supply Corsair CX Series CX750M Neutron Series XTi SATA 6Gbps 480GB 2 5

Mastercase Gaming PC Link https mnpctech com cooler master case mod mastercase 5 pro window clear smoked mnpctech html Subscribe to our Weekly Mod Zoo Hangout Episodes https www youtube com channel UC31i9d5 tLB Jzd0MmU5U9w videos So this is my new PC with the Mastercase 5 case from Cooler Master which is the same chassis as the Mastercase Pro but didn t include a window panel or top radiator cover I must admit that I didn t like the Mastercase 5 at first It s not as modular CM s advertising lead everyone to believe I didn t really complain since I look at everything from a Maker s perspective I can envision something different than stock I can say that I was impressed with the fit and finish after dismantling everything I do feel a retail price of 109 99 would be wiser than 139 99 My gaming PC build took me nearly a year to finish I could only work on it between other custom PC projects that included Computex Battlefield 1 Tank PC for DICE the Genome for DEEPCOOL and 600C Rogue One PC for CORSAIR My current Desktop PC was starting to really slow Finally over New Years break I could leak test the water loop and paint the final pieces My case mod has been the catalyst for several new bolt on accessories and modifications sold on Mnpctech com These include a top Moon Roof window and Magnetic clear side panel The custom paint finish was inspired by Steve McQueen s GULF PORSCHE 917 from his 1971 movie Le Mans Here are some of mods that I did to my Mastercase Racing PC The liquid loop is made from 1 2 OD 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Tubing This required me to learn how to properly bend the tubing I have a box full of Mistake Tubes The tubing utilizes Mnpctech s new Overkill 1 2 Hard line Fittings which will also work with 1 2 O D Acrylic PETG and Copper Tubing I m very proud that our little workshop in Minnesota could design and produce our own PC compression fittings I don t know of any other U S based PC Mod Shop that makes their own line of fittings You could almost say our fittings are handmade which is why I feel 9 99 per fitting is very reasonable Other custom highlights are the magnetic PSU cover and laser cut front bezel grill that hides the EKWB 360mm Radiator The video cards are EVGA GTX 980s with matching Porsche GULF Racing KOOLANCE GPU waterblocks back plates and dual SLI bridge

GOTO LINK https mnpctech com amd radeon bf1 battlefield 1 scale model mark v extreme gaming pc ww1 tank case mod html Mnpctech PC Modder Bill Owen shares progress on his Radeon Mark V Tank for DICE and Electronic Arts Battlefield 1 Game This custom PC is built from scratch and will be revealed at the Microsoft 2016 Games Awards show Gaming Tribe Giveaway of Tank PC https www gamingtribe com giveaway battlefield FX Gaming PC System Components installed by the staff at Mnpctech in Minnesota Mnpctech specializes in creating and modding extreme custom gaming computers for event displays or marketing the release of new games Mnpctech has also built custom PCs to advertise and market new PC hardware We re already planning custom PC builds for events that include CES 2017 CeBIT 2017 Computex 2017 Quakecon 2017 Some of the companies we ve worked with or sponsered have included AMD ASUS ASUS ROG STRIX CORSAIR EKWB MODMYMODS MSI NZXT GIGABYTE INTEL NVIDIA SAPPHIRE SAMSUNG and ZOTAC Chassis Handcrafted WW1 Mk5 Tank ATX case CPU AMD FX 8370 CPU Cooling Corsair All In One CPU Cooler GPU TWO SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon RX 480 DirectX 12 100406NT 4GOCL 4GB 256 Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3 0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card GPU Cooling OEM air cooling Motherboard Gigabyte GA 990FX Gaming Motherboard Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 System Drive No Optical Drive Storage Drive 1x SSD Optical Drive None Power Supply Corsair CX Series CX750M Neutron Series XTi SATA 6Gbps 480GB 2 5 The battlefield of WW1 was filled with unyielding fields of ditches and trenches The British Mark 1 tank was created to break up and conquer these battlefields the british Mk 5 tank was a later model engineered on the same principle of the Mark 1 Production of the Mark V was at the Metropolitan Carriage and Wagon factory in 1917 The first batch of these production tanks arrived in France in May 1918 Total production was 400 of which 200 were male and 200 were female The last mark V tanks were delivered by mid 1919 There is several companies that offer scale model versions of the Mk5 British Tank You can find these kits sold by Hobby stores throughout the world in Google searches You can also find Mark V model tanks listed on Amazon and Ebay


Published: October 28, 2016

Dixie the Beagle is not excited about me drinking 4 cups of coffee or it s a Friday with weather forecast of 70 degrees This type of weather may be more proof of global warming The video was shot this morning in Minneapolis Minnesota on October 28th 2016

Take Apart DDR Heat Spreaders for Paint Guide

Published: October 03, 2016

LINK http mnpctech com take apart paint corsair ddr heat spreader heat sink html Custom PC builders and modders are always looking for new ways to complete the look of their builds Painting your DDR modules can give your PC build that extra detail This guide takes your through the steps in removing and taking apart your DDR heat spreaders heat sink Corsair Vengeance DDR reflects the majority of memory manufacturer designs for DDR3 and DDR4 They all attach their heat spreaders to the PCB with double sided thermal conductive tape You will need a heat gun or hair dryer to remove the decal stickers on any DDR heat spreader All of the resources I mentioned are posted on my webpage here http mnpctech com take apart paint corsair ddr heat spreader heat sink html

Cable Comb for PCs Machined Aluminum

Published: September 09, 2016

Mnpctech s stealth billet cable combs were created to dress up your individually sleeved and insulated cables seen inside your system Not for use on the backside of your motherboard Aluminum is an electrical conductor so keep billet cable combs away from joining exposed circuits or solder points on any electronic components that include motherboard and or video card pcb circuits ORDER http mnpctech com buy stealth cable combs for pcs Mnpctech 24 pin 16 pin 14 pin 12 pin 8 pin 6 pin 4 pin billet cable combs are made for 3mm OD individually sleeved and handmade cables for your 24 pin ATX custom sleeved power supply cable 8 pin and 6 pin video card power cable connectors 4 pin INTEL ATX power connectors They can also be used with individually sleeved cables for gpu or video card power connectors Customers have also used Mnpctech billet custom cable combs for paracord sleeving in 2 85mm and 2 5mm handmade sleeving If you re into making Handmade cables and also work with 3mm ensourced MDPC and Teleios brand cable sleeve products then you can also use our 16 pin cable combs We really enjoy catering to our customers who enjoy creating handmade cables to complete their custom gaming PC builds These aluminum custom cable combs can also be used with the following power supply sleeved cables made by Bitfenix This includes their Alchemy line of individually sleeved cables Some Mnpctech customers have told us our 16 pin cable combs also fit their CableMods brand ModMesh colored sleeved cable sets They will also hold GS PS type individually sleeved cable sets by EVGA Our 4 pin cable combs are cnc machined from 3 16 thick aluminum and fit NZXT s own brand of sleeved cables for Power supplies and individually sleeved Molex and SATA connectors These are unbreakable cable combs for PCS because they re CNC milled from 6061 aluminum Another brand is Mod Right brand sleeved extensions or Mod Smart s Kobra MAX individually sleeved extensions Other brands of custom sleeved power supply cables that fit Mnpctech billet PC cable combs or Silverstone brand sleeved extensions Phanteks just started marketing their own individually SATA Molex and Video card sleeved extensions this year which also fit Mnpctech billet cable combs

Guide to installing the Fractal Design Define Nano S Clear Window Panel Kit here http mnpctech com fractal design define s nano s clear panel Why won t this work with my chassis too The Nano S utilizes this design to help add overall rigidity to the chassis It lacks drive cages which normally help support overall structure of the chassis Nano S upper and lower chassis edges are rounded like tubing which allows the four jaw like brackets to fasten on while allowing the panel to sit flush Most PC chassis edges are flat so if you tried using these four brackets they would create a gap between window panel and chassis This gap may not bother some people but that s not a perfect solution I would invest into developing and stocking at http www mnpctech com

COUGAR Panzer Max Full Tower photos http mnpctech com cougarpanzermaxcasereview html COUGAR Panzer Max Full Tower case product page http cougargaming com pt products cases panzermax urllang us Cougar Panzer MAX is an impressive ATX full tower at 129 99 retail The overall construction and finish is very good It s very similar to Corsair 600T chassis but with military inspired design The Panzer Max allows E ATX SSI EBB and 4 way SLI video card systems You can install up to 390mm long video cards The case measures 226mm wide x 612mm tall x 556 mm long It has a front panel fan control and can hold up to six 2 5 SSDs or four 2 5 and two 3 5 HDD CPU cooler height up to 170mm tall

Build Link http mnpctech com deepcool genome gamerstorm mid tower atx gaming case review html The MNPC1 Gamerstorm Genome Mid Tower ATX case was created by Bill Owen from Mnpctech The Genome case supports ATX or MATX motherboard with seven PCI slots and allows graphics cards up to 330mm long It includes two vertical PCI slots for mounting a video card at ninety degrees This is a great for showing off your video card or sexy water block It does require using a PCI E cable which is sold separately from Deepcool for 16 95 The chassis doesn t include mounting for 5 25 drives but does allow two 3 5 hard drives and four 2 5 SSD on the back of the motherboard Deepcool will be offering three color variations of the Genome white with blue tubing as well as black with green or red spiral tubing in the reservoir Like me my PC modder friends will sacrifice elements of their case to suit personal vision or implementing their own cooling Typically the optical drive bays are removed first to create space for radiators or reservoirs The Genome saves you time by eliminating these bays and integrating a liquid cooling system for your processor The system consists of a block pump combo 360mm radiator three PWM controlled 120mm fans and a reservoir The block has a pulsing blue LED in the core of its reactor The reservoir is LED backlit with a controllable breathing effect The loop is based on the Gamer Storm Captain CPU cooler from Deepcool You can t remove the tubing on the radiator or water block but the reservoir has G 1 4 threaded barbs so you could swap it out The 1 2 O D black rubber tubing would need to be cut It s permanently attached to all of the barb connections in the loop The Genome s radiator is aluminum so it s not advised to incorporate bare copper components into this loop and risk any galvanic corrosion I will be keeping the factory loop stock by their request but may add 2nd custom loop for a vertical graphics card It would be nice if Deepcool considered adding an optional kit for consumers interested in adding a second liquid loop to their graphics cards The PSU is located in the basement of the chassis with PSU window visible through the case s side window I d imagine this is for showing off your PSU branding The PSU resides on noise isolating rubber pads and includes a removable dust filter Deepcool used SGCC steel to build the frame of the chassis The removable front bezel and top cover are ABS plastic The Genome comes with a factory 120mm rear exhaust fan and three 120mm PWM fans mounted to the 360mm radiator The case measures 506mm x 210mm x 505mm and it weighs 9 77 kg

Phanteks panel Link http mnpctech com phanteks case mods Phanteks Star Trek Beyond PC Link http mnpctech com phanteks luxe star trek tribute gaming pc html Since 2001 Mnpctech has modified computer cases into unique custom designs for clients around the world In 2003 Mnpctech expanded into design and manufacturing of their own line of modified cases and modding accessories Mnpctech PCs have been featured in the numerous websites and publications including CPU Magazine Custom PC Magazine Forbes Maximum PC NVIDIA and PC World magazines Our custom PCs are often the most publicized by the media so our client s products get maximum exposure Mnpctech clients have included AMD Antec ASUS Fractal Design Cooler Master CM Storm Ecomaster Enermax Lian Li Logic Supply MSI NZXT Logic Supply Razer RIOTORO OCZ and Sapphire Mnpctech customized PCs are often used for print and online marketing and displays at tech or gaming related trade shows like CES CeBIT Computex Comic Con Pax East Quakeconand numerous LAN Gaming Events nationwide Mnpctech manages PC hardware reviews for TheModZoo com a community based hardware site which caters to custom PC builders worldwide Readers share their own case mods project logs scratch builds pc cooling guides and tutorials They also publish computer case reviews which include brands like Addtronics Antec Aerocool Dead Silence Bitfenix CaseLabs Chenbro Cooler Master Corsair Cubitek Deepcool Enermax Ecomaster Lian Li Fractal Design Silverstone Corsair Inwin NZXT Phanteks Enthoo Primo Luxe CM STORM Mountain Mods Thermaltake and XSPC Mnpctech specializes in manufacturing these products for custom desktop PCs and Custom Gaming PC builds for PC Mod Communities Forums Case Mod Gallery Trade Shows that include CES 2017 Cebit 2017 Computex 2017 Quakecon 2016 Comic Con 2016 Lan Events Case Designs and Computer Fabrication Airbrushing Custom Paint finishing

This is a Do It Yourself guide to painting the bare aluminum Desktop PC Computer case feet made by Mnpctech You can use this guide to paint any bare aluminum or steel surface materials or parts http mnpctech com pc computer stereo desktop case feet Materials Supplies List Include Mnpctech Diamond Knurl Case feet http mnpctech com pc computer stereo desktop case feet 1 120 or 150 or Medium grit sandpaper 2 Tack Cloth or clean cotton rag 3 SEM Brand Black Self Etching Primer 4 3M Filtered canister respirator mask 5 Disposable Rubber gloves 6 7 16 O D rod 7 Masking tape 8 used masking tape rolls 9 Rust Oleum 1937830 Metallic Spray Copper 11 Ounce

LINK http mnpctech com pc computer cooling fans grills custom overkill pc grills Mnpctech 120mm Limited Edition Fury Road Fan Grill is cnc machined from 1 2 thick cast acrylic Each grill is hand painted with a five stage process that includes realistic looking rusted steel effect The fan grill design was inspired by the steering wheel from the War Rig This vehicle was driven by Imperator Furiosa in the movie Mad Max Fury Road It fits all 120mm size PC Cooling Fans We ve seen customers use our fury road grills for things other than computer fan grills too Attach to the front grill of their car or a scooter and motorcycle You can also hang it from your rear view mirror Outer dimension of this Mad Max Fury Road limited edition pc fan grill measures 5 x 5 These mnpctech limited edition fan grill designs raise the bar for your custom PC build Mount over your front intake top of your case or side panel Mounting over rear exhaust fan may require modifying your chassis and side panel

Fix GPU sag with Mnpctech s Support Arm Bracket Non Reference Video Card video guide for installing Mnpctech s Non Reference GPU Support Bracket sold here http mnpctech com gpu support bracket Mnpctech has developed a non reference GTX 980 Ti GPU ASUS Strix R9 390x support This Black GPU support bracket is designed to eliminate or fix sagging single non referenced 980 Ti or 1080 GPU powered systems only It will not work with Crossfire or SLI setups Won t fit between two or more video cards Our single 980 Ti GPU support bracket will be designed for single GPU systems only We don t recommend using our single GPU support for Crossfire SLI The bracket is too wide to accommodate all Crossfire SLI equipped systems There is manufacturer shroud designs that will obstruct the bracket from mounting correctly in Crossfire SLI setup There is also risk of crossing solder points and shorting out GPU mounted below the bracket A backplate can prevent crossing solder points but not all graphics cards have back plates This is why we don t endorse or recommend consumers using our single support in any Crossfire SLI setup gpusag endgpusag

CORSAIR 380T Homefront The Revolution Gaming PC Mod Mnpctech com Link http mnpctech com corsair 380t homefront the revolution gaming pc case mod by mnpctech html Mnpctech s Homefront The Revolution Build log http mnpctech com corsair 380t homefront the revolution gaming pc case mod by mnpctech html Corsair 380T Homefront The Revolution is a custom gaming PC Case Mod is created by Mnpctech Homefront The Revolution is the sequel to Homefront an open world first person shooter video game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver The game is scheduled to be released on May 17 2016 in U S and May 20 2016 in Europe for Linux Microsoft Windows OS X PlayStation 4 and Xbox One My idea for this gaming pc was to achieve a look and feel that matches the high tech KPA materials and utilities that has been taken over by the resistance in the game I ve combined a special shape of the case that could be used for military purposes in the field with the stealth angular look of the APEX manufactured vehicles and material textures that are used for both person armor and utilities To achieve the resistance look we will scratch off the KPA APEX logos and text a device like that would normally have and overwrite or spay it with resistance tags and group symbols Gigabyte has been kind enough to outfit this gaming pc build with their new WINDFORCE 3X 700W cooling system powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU Integrated with industry s best 6GB GDDR5 memory Corsair Gigabyte Custom Gaming PC Hardware Specs Intel Core i7 6700 Skylake socket 1151 GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA Z170N Gaming 5 ITX Motherboard GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 980 Ti Xtreme Gaming WINDFORCE Edition Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 4GB Corsair XT Neutron SSD 240GB Corsair H100i CPU Cooler Corsair RM 750W ATX PSU Modular Gaming PC Peripherals Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard Corsair M65 gaming mouse Corsair VOID gaming headset