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Oculus Minecraft May Yet Happen

Facebook Bought Oculus

It appears as though Notch, creator of Minecraft, is done being upset about Oculus Rift being purchased by Facebook.

Back when the news of the purchase hit the airwaves, Notch made a very strong statement to indicate Minecraft Oculus development would stop. He thought Facebook was creepy (don’t we all?) and didn’t want to be a part of this anymore.

John Carmack (formerly of Id Software / currently CTO of Oculus) has even shown his support of Notch’s change of heart.

This is good news for both gamers and Oculus. Gamers will have a much better experience with the official game, which will certainly receive the proper attention it needs to be ported into the 3D realm. Oculus will benefit by having one of the most popular games out there on it’s device.

Now – we just need someone to give us an Oculus so we can take part in this fun once it is official!