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Overwatch Winter Wonderland: Mei’s Snowball Offensive!

Overwatch Winter Wonder Land

Overwatch has plenty of holiday cheer this year with their Winter Wonderland.  It is a limited time event that runs from now until January 2, so don’t wait to check it out!

One of the events included Mei’s Snowball Offensive.  In this 6v6 brawl, everyone plays as Mei with a modified one shot snowball launcher.  You have one life and have to search for snow piles to reload your weapon.  Taking down your enemies takes one shot.  Only when you activate Mei’s Ultimate will you have unlimited snowballs (for a short period).  There should be some pretty ‘heated’ matches in this mode.

Mei's Snowbrawl

Other goodies can be found too! All Loot Boxes have been wrapped up as Winter Loot Boxes, and they are full of treats for all the good Overwatch players!