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Suffering from GPU sag? Check this GPU support out!

MNPCTech GPU Support Bracket

One issue that not many people consider when getting that ultra huge video card is that many of them suffer from “GPU sag”. Because of the way a GPU is mounted, much of the weight of the card isn’t supported at all. Large cards, like the Radeon 295×2, are plagued with this issue.

Well, here to save the day is with their custom developed GPU Support Bracket.

Watch this video from Youtuber Keith as he reviews the GPU Support Bracket.

Here are some follow up notes from Bill at
******UPDATE FROM MNPCTech! ******

1. The length of the two included mounting screws for the bracket have been extended, so you can attach bracket over your factory PCI slot covers.
2. The Fan Hanger kit is optional and sold seperately for $2.99

A Dual Crossfire / SLI version next. It will require one open PCI slot between the GPUs. Once finalized, they’ll be posted here,