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Who wants some Wang? – Shadow Warrior 2 Trailer

Shadow Warrior 2

One of the most controversial FPS games of the 90’s was 3D Realms’ “Shadow Warrior”. It was built on the same engine that Duke Nukem 3D was made, but upped the ante in the plot with an often zany and sometimes offense take on bad kung fu movies. You play as Lo Wang, who just like his Duke Nukem counterpart, has plenty of hilarious and ridiculous things to say during the game.

Fast forward to 2013 and the game was rebooted by Flying Wild Hog as a single player game that focused on Lo Wang’s beginnings. It has received fairly positive reviews and currently sits with a 73/100 from Metacritic.

Well, Flying Hog Studios has just released an announcement trailer for Shadow Warrior 2. The video below doesn’t show any gameplay, but we can only assume it follows in the same style as it’s predecesor. The video does tell us that instead of being a single player game, it will now support 4 player co-op gameplay.

Shadow Warrior

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